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Interview with Vladimir Nikolaevich Zabelin

by Oleg Korytov and Konstantin Chirkin
edited by Igor Zhidov
special thanks to Svetlana Spiridonova, Igor Seidov, Mihail Bykov,
Oleg Teslenko, Ilya Grinberg and James F. Gebhardt

Vladimir Nikolaevich Zabelin

Vladimir Nikolaevich Zabelin, Colonel (retired), former chief of safety of the 76 Air Army. The Great Patriotic War participant, where he scored one enemy aircraft. The Korean war veteran, where he flew 72 combat missions, participated 39 air fights and scored 9 American aircraft shot down. He was nominated for a Hero of the Soviet Union award. Was awarded the Order of the Red Star, Order of Lenin, Medal For Combat Service.


1. Military School
Reserve Aviation Regiment
The Great Patriotic War
4. After the war
5. The Korean War
After Korea

© Oleg Korytov, Konstantin Chirkin, Igor Zhidov 2007

Дата публикации: 22.08.2010
Авторы: Олег Корытов, Константин Чиркин, Игорь Жидов




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